Now You See Me, Now You Don't

This project, when I figured out what I wanted to do, was actually quite satisfying to finish. For my contrast, I did white earbuds on a pristine black background, slightly cliche but going with the contrast of black and white. For negative, I went with more of the concept rather than the literally. I had two people hugging but the guy is fading away, his imprint is the negative space in the picture, the emptiness of the image. For dichotomy, I did the same person but wildly different views of who they are, a victim, and a princess. Types of people you never would have thought would go together but together nonetheless. I had fun bringing my ideas to life, honestly, thinking that if I could pull it off it would look super cool. Thanks for coming to my T.E.D Talk.


  1. I really loved your dichotomy image with the drastic contrast of the person in different perspectives. I would personally edit the white line out because if you put these two halves of images side by side the contrast is uncanny. The contrast picture with the headphones is minimalist which I like and it would be better if it was focused on one part of the headphones instead of the whole. I like your take on negative because it isn't a literal definition of what it means.

  2. I think the concept of the negative photo and dichotomy is great! Though the black and white image may be cliche like you had mentioned I think it works really well because of the pattern you had made with the headphones and dragging it along the image. I really like the concept of negative because most people take it as what it is but you put an interesting spin on it. The dichotomy photo with Laura is really cool as well because putting the two faces side by side makes it look like the bruised face is almost being smudged down which looks like a really cool effect.


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