Now You See Me, Now You Don't

This project, when I figured out what I wanted to do, was actually quite satisfying to finish. For my contrast, I did white earbuds on a pristine black background, slightly cliche but going with the contrast of black and white. For negative, I went with more of the concept rather than the literally. I had two people hugging but the guy is fading away, his imprint is the negative space in the picture, the emptiness of the image. For dichotomy, I did the same person but wildly different views of who they are, a victim, and a princess. Types of people you never would have thought would go together but together nonetheless. I had fun bringing my ideas to life, honestly, thinking that if I could pull it off it would look super cool. Thanks for coming to my T.E.D Talk.

Yummy Yummy in my Tummy

MY LORD, THIS WAS CHALLENGING, food is not my strong suit. The set up took me so long to figure out and I still think about ways I could have kept changing it. But I did like this picture the best and enjoyed setting up the warm lighting that can be associated with the warm breakfast feeling, that bright and early sunlight lighting. My plain backdrop brings your focus to the food, as well as accents the colors of the fruit. My props are minimal because I felt it was more effective, my cup of milk and plate showing off what people eat in the morning and how they get what they need and bring your eye to the main point.My focal point is the syrup drizzle, which may have been a bold (wrong?) decision but I like it. My food style may seem haphazard but I promise it took me so long to decide where to put my fruits and if I should pile or drizzle the syrup, overall I love where the fruits are as well as the angles they are laying. Sure I could gave been more creative but I am happy with my …

Time to get this Breadth

Hello Friends, these are the pictures I am most proud of, I think they show my capability to show my range of talents. I love the more artistic ones but I am proud of all my images and how you enjoy. 

Semester Final

This was my semester final, and while it was stressful I had a lot of fun.  For action I wanted to do stop-action, making it clear by having her hair all in the air in focus because you know she was moving to make it happen. I added a blue gel to the light because I'm me and I don't like boring pictures so I wanted to add a little spice. Plus why not, just makes it look pretty cool in my opinion. For unity, I STRUGGLED with the concept because ???? Hard. But I saw these spoons and chopsticks and naturally I thought hey, these go together, isn't that what unity essentially is. So I positioned them in the light box and I didn't want to capture the whole thing. I wanted a piece so I cropped it tight, it just seems to add to the picture. I love the reds and how each thing has a beautiful design, flowing together all pretty like. For color, my personal favorite, because I am dramatic and love all things messy. Blacklight is super fun to do with color because it literally m…

Photo Challenge

Circle It was actually harder to get this picture right than I thought. Its a lightbulb ya know so it literally emits light, I had to keep playing with my iso, aperture, and shutter to make it look somewhat decent rather than a burning ball of hot. I wanted to take it because the red lines on the inside that give off light looked really pretty and I thought, which I was right, that it would add a glowing look. With the red shining off the club's glass it made a simple circle look really interesting and it being a red light makes it something not a lot of people have seen.   Line I PUT THS PUZZLE TOGETHER JUST FOR THIS PICTURE SO PLEASE APPRECIATE MY EFFORT AND PATIENCE! I had the idea of something that was lined, then I thought of puzzles and how the lines go everywhere but always make an image. I put the puzzle together and it did take me a  minute to get my setting right since I had just taken a lightbulb picture, but I got some natural light on it and wanted to make sure the li…

Photoshop Projects

I liked the concept of fantasy and learning to add it to photos always makes me happy. It was super frustrating but I love the end result. This can be good in composites because I can decide what to add the effect to and it can work with a lot of different images. It takes time to make it look amazingly but it is really cool, being able to make something obviously fake look realistic is a good talent. 
I really like this effect and think it can add a different effect if I use copied layers. Being able to create the 3D effects was really fun, there were a lot of little tweaks to make it look realistic but completely it was really fun. It has simple layers but if you do the steps wrong it comes out all wrong so I had to pay real close attention to detail.  This effect ties back to bring fantasy to real life, because obviously she wouldn't be dripping from her eyes onto her pants, but being able to make this "smelting" process look real was really fun. learning to do this …

ATPI 2018

I think I did really well in this contest, I was prepared for it and had some eloquently thought out ideas. I made some pieces come to life that I've wanted to do for a while; as well as try new things that I was a bit nervous about. I was able to edit and stuff to the best of my abilities, as well as be really proud of my work. I grew to do things I've been scared of and things I wasn't sure I could do which makes me super proud of myself.  Herbal Essences - Advertising
The color scheme and the tying together of the floral wall and conditioner Out of the Blue - Open
The billowing smoke and sharpness of the umbrella Modern Cowboy - Informal Portrait
The simplicity of a modern cowboy and his outfit tying it together 3-D - Studio Portrait
The clarity and variation of the lights No Excuses - Advertising
Simplify yet impact of the text and picture combined Pintura - Studio Portrait
Brightness of the paint and strength of the empty space Lasting Impression - Advertising
The cu…